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The range comprises a full set of sterile, reverse luer lock syringes from 1ml to 60ml with the addition of a 60ml Catheter Tip / Bladder Tip syringe


Enteralok critical care syringes


Medicine Bottle Adaptor


Two sizes of sterile medicine bottle adaptor have been designed for drawing up medicine into Enteralok syringes from standard medicine bottles. The adaptors will fit bottles with an internal neck diameter of between 14mm and 20mm. Customer feedback indicates that it is very important that bottle adaptors should be designed in such a way that the tamper-proof lid of medicine bottle can still be replaced with the bottle adapter in situ.


 Enteralok medicine bottle adapter


Instructions for use:    


Select the correct sized adaptor

Simply push the adaptor into the neck of the bottle    

Draw up the required volume of medication  

Remove the syringe and cap it with an Enteralok® cap        

Replace the tamper-proof medicine bottle



Enteralok Syringe caps


The Enteralok Cap is a really useful tool if the intention is for feed or medication to be made up prior to administration. Caps are sterile and are packed individually or in packs of 10 within a 100 box quantity. 


Enteralok syringe caps



Enteralok extension sets


These extension sets attach directly to the Enteralok syringes and to male luer lock ends, avoiding the use of adaptors. For use with syringe pumps or where an enteral extension is required.

The Enteralok extension set is available in 150cm and 75cm lengths and are available in boxes of 25


Enteralok extension sets



Enteralok Medicine/Milk straws


Medicine and milk straws are used where bottle adaptor sizes are not available. They can also be used for drawing up water for NG flushes.They are available in 50mm and 100mm lengths.


Enteralok medicine straws



Enteralok NG Tubes:


Enteralok NG tubes


Enteralok single use tubes


Enteralok multi use syringes